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Eric D. Block


Eric is a Master Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach.  Eric earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Temple University, a Master of Science in Health Administration from Saint Joseph’s University and did post graduate coursework in Organic Chemistry at Temple University. 


On a personal note, in 2014 Eric won Mr. Philadelphia, a drug free body building competition. He won his weight class and the overall competition. As Mr. Philadelphia, he qualified to compete in the Mr. Universe competition.


Eric has a unique approach to health, wellness and fitness, which is known as Body By Block.  Eric’s focus is on what it takes to reduce inflammation, thereby improving his clients’ health.  He develops weekly food plans and personalized workouts which are tailored to the individual client’s goals and health.  Eric’s clients routinely report that they feel much healthier, more fit and more confident after following his plans. His clients consistently reduce body fat, build strength, build muscle and improve athletic performance.


“Maintaining low inflammation through nutrition leads to optimal health and wellness.”

- Eric D. Block

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